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The interest in weight loss is at an all-time high. Whether you are seriously obese and need to lose 100+ pounds for health reasons, or you simply want to shed a few extra pounds to look your best at an upcoming reunion, weight loss seems to be on almost everyone’s mind.

Why all this focus on weight loss? How is it that so many of us are struggling to keep our weight in check? Are there really any actual secrets to weight loss?

The answers to these questions, as well as the reasons why so many of us are continually having to deal with our excess weight, are important in discovering how to successfully lose weight and keep it off. (Excellent book exposing popular weight loss myths: Good Calories, Bad Calories)

Although there is no single reason, and therefore no single answer, there are three major factors that are affecting nearly everyone who feels the need for weight loss.

Factor # 1: Our Core Diet Has Changed From Whole Foods Grown In The Garden To Processed Foods Made In Large Production Facilities.

Processed foods are basically anything you eat that isn’t in its original state. Normally this involves machines that heat foods to kill bacteria to make them “safe” and/or separate whole foods into isolated components that are then combined with other “ingredients” to create a new “food”.

Boxed mixes for pancakes, cakes, puddings, “meal-in-a-box” products, most cereals, most breads, most noodles, etc. are examples of “foods” that really aren’t – they’re actually new (and incomplete) foods.

Additives to help products mix or stay mixed better, preservatives to make products last longer on the store shelf, coloring to make products more appealing, and various flavorings (natural and synthetic) to make products taste better (at least according to the manufacturers’ studies) are added to these “foods”.

Processed foods also include separating one part of the whole food and making it into a new food.

Sugar and white flour are examples of processed foods that are from real food, but no longer contain all the parts of the original whole food. In these examples, you end up with white (or brown) sugar instead of whole cane or beet juice and you end up with white flour instead of whole wheat flour.

There are several problems with processed foods. One of them is that the body tends to react to processed foods as if they were foreign objects and not food.

Whole foods are not only good for the human body, but each type of whole food contains all kinds of micro-nutrients and enzymes that make the nutrition in it available to the human body.

For example, if you leave an apple on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks, it will get soft & brown and begin to “rot”. This is a natural process that takes place because the apple itself contains enzymes that break down the apple into its more basic molecular structure.

This is important not only to keep the natural cycle of life, death, and rebirth going, but also provides any human (or animal) that eats the apple with the digestive enzymes necessary to properly utilize the nutrients contained within that apple.

When you mess with these enzymes and other synergistic micronutrients, by removing them or destroying them with heat, you make food more difficult for the human body to digest, and you begin the process of poor health, including improperly storing extra fat and hence the need for most of us to need weight loss.

Factor # 2: Our Daily Routines Have Transitioned From Working & Playing Outdoors To Working & Playing Indoors… (Read the rest of weight loss)


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