Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Fastest Way to Lose Weight

It’s perfectly understandable that everyone wants to know the fastest way to lose weight, and there are some ways to shed a few pounds in a relatively short period of time; however, sustained and significant weight loss requires effort and time. Just like it took time to gain the weight, losing that weight and keeping it off will also take some time.

Realistic Quick Weight Loss Goals

The fastest way to lose weight is to set realistic weight loss goals. Quick weight loss equals realistic weight loss. In other words, the amount of weight that you can lose in a healthy way in a relatively short period of time is often limited. Some do experience losses of several pounds per week, but realistically you should expect to be able to lose one to two pounds per week on a consistent basis.

Keep in mind that while one or two pounds a week may not sound like much, those pounds you’re shedding add up over time. In just a month you can be looking at four to eight pounds of weight loss. Losing 16 to 32 pounds in just four months really isn’t too bad, and you’re more likely to keep it off. You simply need to adjust your viewpoint and realize that the fastest way to lose weight is to be realistic and consistent with your weight loss goals.

Fast Weight Loss Techniques

It’s possible to jumpstart weight loss by doing a colon cleanse or detox program to help flush your system and remove any excess waste material from your colon, especially if you have lived a relatively sedentary lifestyle and eaten a high fat or fast food based diet. A colon cleanse is the fastest way to lose weight promoted by many individuals and it can lead to losing five pounds or more in the first week.

Keeping that weight off after the detox plan is done by adjusting your lifestyle. You’ll want to begin eating a healthier diet and start leading a more active lifestyle. If you fall back on old habits, you’ll only put the weight back on and probably pretty quickly.

Sustained Weight Loss

Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Healthy long term weight loss requires changing your habits and your general outlook on life. You have to change the way you look at food and how you see yourself. Understand that the fastest way to lose weight is generally not the safest and doesn’t typically result in sustained weight loss.

There are quick weight loss methods, like crash dieting, taking diet pills, and fasting, but none of these methods are healthy and/or long lasting. They also don’t usually result in real weight loss. In fact, most of the weight lost during these kinds of trendy and lazy weight loss programs is water weight. Seeing significant changes in body weight and composition requires effort and will take time.

Most experts agree that setting realistic weight loss goals, both in terms of the number of pounds and the time it takes to shed them, is your best bet for seeing healthy, sustainable weight loss. If you’ve dieted before, you know how frustrating the process can be if you set unrealistic goals, especially if you’ve looked for the fastest way to lose weight.  

It is best to have a total figure for your total weight loss in mind but to shoot for smaller milestones in within your weight loss program. For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds altogether, aim for 1 or 2 pounds per week, celebrate each pound you lose along the way, and realize that it could potentially take 15 – 30 weeks to lose the entire 30 pounds. Remember, those pounds you shed can add up fairly quickly and you will reach your long-term, sustainable weight loss goals this way.

Setting more attainable goals helps you remain motivated. You can keep your outlook high and stay true to your exercise and dietary changes. Every time you lose a pound, you’re closer to that overall goal. Treat every pound as a real success. The fastest way to lose weight is to count every pound as a part of your overall success story rather than being frustrated over only losing a pound. You lost a pound! That’s one pound less to lose!

Long-Term Fitness Goals

Losing weight shouldn’t be your only goal. Building muscle and becoming more fit overall should be the goal. Creating a healthier overall body and reaping the rewards of having that body should be what your really strive for.

The successful weight loss equation requires that you reduce your caloric intake, eat more healthy foods and increase your activity level. Start slowly with your exercise routines. Build your strength and slowly but surely, exercising will seem much less intimidating.

Dietary Changes Are A Big Part Of The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Adjusting your diet is essential to losing weight and keeping it off. Cut out or at least reduce high fat, sugary and fast foods. Eliminate soda from your diet entirely. As soon as you make these simple changes, you’ll see that the fastest way to lose weight comes from replacing unhealthy eating habits with good ones.

Just because you’re eating a healthier diet doesn’t mean that you can’t have the occasional treat. Don’t think that you have to get rid of all your comfort foods completely. Avoid binge eating by allowing yourself a sweet treat now and then.

Changing your eating habits slowly is the best way to ensure that you maintain those healthier eating habits. Making real changes in your lifestyle, including your eating habits and exercise habits, is the fastest way to lose weight and keep it off.

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